[Software] SoftEther VPN Client + VPN Gate Client Plugin – A free VPN software for accessing Japanese website & playing Japanese game on PC

Welcome to Art & Hobby Lab’s Wandering Topic section. In this section, we will translate books (Japanese → English), collect articles about Japan (Life, people, culture, etc.) as well as introduce some software, tips & tricks to you.

We are pretty sure many of you wanna play Japanese games. Or some of you may wanna access Japanese websites for watching video (especially on Japanese Youtube), reading manga, light novel, news… Unfortunately many games and websites from Japan can only be accessed within Japan. But you can bypass some of these via a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN redirects your IP to a Japanese IP thus making the game/website thinks you are accessing from within Japan.



When playing these games, you are playing with Japanese people. You aren’t meant to be playing this game. So you should avoid using English or your own language in public channel. If you need help with the game, there are forums, Facebook pages, Discord chat servers out there. If there aren’t any, you can still ask the players in game using English. There is no rule about using English, but please keep it to a minimum, don’t spam, and if you are lucky, you may get help. Japanese people do understand English and can help you, or maybe you will meet a fellow foreigner who knows the game better than you. Besides, we won’t take any responsibility if your account are banned from the game. We would appreciate for your understanding and cooperation.


Today we’re gonna tell you about SoftEther VPN Client.


  1. SoftEther VPN Client is FREE, meaning if anyone is asking you to pay anything, you are being scammed.
  2. Your data information can still be tracked down through a VPN, by the IP host. If you want a more secured VPN, there are paid VPN options, which has more security and stable servers, but we don’t review them in this topic.
  3. SoftEther VPN Client refreshes their IP list every once in a while (every 15mins or even every few hours), meaning it’s a really bad choice for constant online connection.
  4. SoftEther VPN Client can help you get in the game/website most of the time, though there are certain factors which can prevent you from accessing:
    • The Internet provider blocks your VPN
    • The game/website you are trying to log in has better security, can know that you are outside Japan thus blocks your access
    • The IP available provided in SoftEther VPN Client at that moment isn’t secure/stable enough


Ok, lets see where to download and how to set up SoftEther VPN. We are using Japanese language for our PC, but it won’t make a difference, just follow the picture instructions.

Step 1: Click here to download the setup


Step 2: Extract the file you just downloaded from above link and run file .exe to install the program

*Note* If you don’t know how to extract just google “How to extract (.zip, .rar…) files”


Step 3: Open the program and connect to a Japanese VPN server


*Note* PC with higher firewall security will ask for your permission, just click “Yes”


*Note* If you can’t access the game, it simply means the IP you chose didn’t work, disconnect it and try a different one.


So we just introduced a VPN software which helps you bypass region restriction on PC, hope it will be useful for you. Besides Japanese servers, SoftEther VPN Client also provides other countries servers such as United States, Korean, Hong Kong… Maybe you will need them someday so just take a look at the server list after installed it. We have to admit that, it still have problems with refreshing IP list which can cause random disconnects, though the chances of that happening is quite low. If you have problems with using SoftEther VPN or have any suggestions or questions for us, please comment below or contact us via discord.

We have been using SoftEther VPN Client for many purposes such as:



  • Genre: Japanese MOBA – Square Enix (Service closed since 30/6/2016)
  • Homepage: http://lova.jp/

2/ Soul Worker – ソウルワーカー


1/ Japanese Youtube

  • Homepage: https://www.youtube.com/
  • When you connected to Japanese VPN server, Youtube will redirect your to Japanese Youtube

2/ Asobimo (Japanese number one game online company)

  • Homepage: http://asobimo.com/
  • Asobimo allows global access, but only with limited information, using a Japanese IP will allow you to see under constructed games and games for Japanese people only

3/ DMM (Japanese online shop, games distributer)

  • Homepage: http://www.dmm.com/
  • DMM allow global access, but to be able to play DMM games you must access via a VPN


We also used SoftEther VPN Client to create a Japanese google account, which allows us access Japanese Google Play to download Japanese games/apps just like:

1/ 崩壊3rd

2/ Flame x Blaze


  • Homepage: http://www.hai-furi.com/
  • This is an application of the anime named High School Fleet also known as Haifuri. It provided you news about the anime and  some camera effects.


Bonus Information: If you need a free VPN service for your mobile devices (Android/iOS), please read:

TunnelBear VPN – A VPN software for both mobile (Android/iOS) and PC


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